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The Surviving MJ Candle Company was birthed from a very difficult struggle with postpardom depression. My husband and I married young at just 21 and were so excited when we found out we were enlarging our family 2 years later. What we didn't expect was a very high risk pregnancy that would take a toll on my health, our finances and our lives.

What should have been one of the most joyous times of our life was filled with fear, pain, and depression. During my pregnancy, I suffered from hyperemesis which resulted in 32 pounds of weight loss during the first 8 months of my pregnancy, sever dehydration, hospitalization, severe constipation, a 24 hour catheter and an at home nurse. It also meant that for the first time in our marriage, we only had one income. 

I'd hoped that things would change when our little MJ (Marshall Jr.) came home but things actually got worse. I struggled to cope with becoming a new mom, wondering if I was doing everything right and having thoughts that made me feel like an unfit mother and a terrible human being.

I was afraid to share my feeling with others out of fear of rebuke and judgement so many nights and many days I cried and prayed. While mentally and spiritually I was struggling, financially our little family was falling apart. Hospitalizations, bills, and MJ's birth meant we were behind on the mortgage, had maxed out credit cards, and little to no money in the bank. 

Determined to fight, I decided I would do anything to keep our family afloat with hopes that one day we would even thrive. And so came the Surviving MJ candle company. I made soy candles out of MJ's baby food jars. 


While depression and financial struggles still reigned most days, I found small pockets of hope when I sold a candle. It meant I was doing something right, I was a good mother, I was innovative and determined and those reminders were sometimes all I could hold on to. I am grateful to know that I can look back at one of the darkest moments in my life and see that it birthed beauty! 

Our mission is to bring joy, peace, hope, and pockets of relaxation  into the darkest moments of your life and we pray that you will find the light in your dark place just like we did!